Service Contract Reporting on

In accordance with Section 743(a) of Division C of the Consolidated Appropriations Acts 2010, all service contractors must prepare an annual inventory of their service contracts, known as SCRs. Service contract reporting is required for all service contracts that contain FAR clauses 52.204-14 and 52.204-15 and is required on:

  • Cost-reimbursement, time-and-materials, labor-hour service contracts, and/or orders with “Base and All Options Value” at or above the simplified acquisition threshold of $150,000, and
  • FY14 fixed price service contracts with a “Base and All Options Value” above $2.5 million.

To check if your entity is required to file SCR reports, log into and click on “Register/Update Entity” link. If SCR is a requirement for any of your entities, you will see a link underneath this section. If no link is visible, then no contracts are subject to the SCR reporting requirements. Click here for the Quick User Guide for SCR Reports:

For more detailed information, visit and view the current full user guide.