BioPreferred Reporting on

The BioPreferred Program is intended to increase federal procurement of bio-based products to promote rural economic development, create new jobs, and provide new markets for farm commodities. For more information, please visit Contractors must report on a contract if it meets all or the following criteria:

  • Service or construction contract, as identified by the Product and Service Code (PSC)
  • Awarded on or after May 18, 2012
  • Contains a period of performance date during the current fiscal year, regardless of whether the contract was completed or not.

In accordance with FAR 52.2232, contractors are required to submit a BioPreferred report on the product types and dollar values of any USDA-designated products purchased (see for a list of products) during the Government fiscal year (Oct 1 – Sept 30). Contractors must submit any required reports no later than October 31, the last day for which the current year reports can be created or edited in SAM.

To check if your entity is required to submit BioPreferred reports, log into and click on “Register/Update Entity” and then “BioPreferred Reporting” to see any eligible entities and contracts. For more information on how to submit a BioPreferred report, see the Quick Guide:

For more detailed information, visit and view the current full user guide.