AFCEEAir Force Center for Environmental Excellence
ANCAlaska Native Corporation
ANCSAAlaska Native Claims Settlement Act
ANSIAmerican National Standard Institute
BAFOBest and Final Offer
BATBusiness Activity Target
BDOBlanket Delivery Order
BICBest In Class
BOSBusiness Opportunity Specialist
BPABlanket Purchase Agreement
BPNBusiness Partner Network
CAGE codeCommercial and Government Entity Code
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CKBCertify Knowledge Base
CMRCommercial Market Representative
COECorps of Engineers
CORContracting Officer Representative
COTRContracting Officer’s Technical Representative
CPARSContractor Performance Assessment Reporting System
CUFCommercially Useful Function
D&BDun & Bradstreet
DBEDisadvantaged Business Enterprise
DCAADefense Contract Audit Agency
DCSADefense Counterintelegence and Security Agency
DFARDefense Federal Acquisition Regulations
DFARSDefense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement
DHSDepartment of Homeland Security
DLADefense Logistics Agency
DODelivery Order
DODDepartment of Defense
DOTDepartment of Transportation
DPCEDivision of Program Certification & Eligibility
DSBSDynamic Small Business Search
DUNSData Universal Numbering System
DVBEDisabled Veteran Business Enterprise
EDIElectronic Data Interchange
EDWOSBEconomically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business
EFTElectronic Funds Transfer
EINEmployer Identification Number
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
EPLSExcluded Parties List System
ESRSElectronic Subcontractor Reporting System
EVSEntity Validation Services
FAPIISFederal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System
FARFederal Acquisition Regulations
FBOFederal Business Opportunities
FedBizOppsFederal Business Opportunities
FFATAFederal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act
FFPFirm Fixed Price
FPDSFederal Procurement Data System
FSCFederal Supply Code
FSDFederal Service Desk
FSNFederal Stock Number
FSOFacility Security Officer
FSRSFFATA Subaward Reporting System
FYFiscal Year
GAOGovernment Accountability Office
GISGeographic Information Systems
GLSGeneral Login System
GPOGovernment Printing Office
GSAGeneral Services Administration
HUBZoneHistorically Underutilized Business Zone
IAEIntegrated Award Environment
IDIQ / ID/IQIndefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity
IFBInvitation for Bid
IGInspector General
IIPIndian Incentive Program
iRAPTInvoicing, Receipt, Acceptance, and Property Transfer (fka Wide Area Workflow or WAWF now PIEE)
JVJoint Venture
LLCLimited Liability Company
LOSLimitations on Subcontracting
LPTALowest Price Technically Acceptable
LSALabor Surplus Area
MATOCMultiple Award Task Order Contracts
MBEMinority Business Enterprise
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MPAMentor-Protégé Agreement
MPINMarketing Partner Identification Number
NAICS codeNorth American Industry Classification System Code
NCAGENorth Atlantic Treaty Organization Commercial and Government Entity
NMRNon-Manufacturer Rule
NTENot to exceed
NTPNotice to proceed
OCEOffice of Certification & Eligibility
OIGOffice of Inspector General
OMBOffice of Management And Budget
OSBPOffice of Small Business Programs
OSDBUOffice of Small And Disadvantaged Business Utilization
OSHAOccupational Safety And Health Administration
OTAOther Transaction Authority
PCRProcurement Center Representative
PIEEProcurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (fka Invoice Receipt Property Transfer – iRAPT)
PIIPersonally Identifiable Information
POPurchase Order
POCPoint of Contact
POCAPerformance Oriented Construction Activity
PPIRSPast Performance Information Retrieval System
PRO-NETProcurement Network
PSCProduct Service Code
PTACProcurement Technology Assistance Center
QA/QCQuality Assurance/Quality Control
RAPRemedial Action Plan
RFPRequest for Proposal
RFQRequest for Quotation
RMARisk Management Association
SADBUSmall And Disadvantaged Business Unit
SAMSystem for Award Management
SAMESociety of American Military Engineers
SAMMISAM Managed Identifier
SAPSimplified Acquisition Procedures
SATSimplified Acquisition Threshold
SBSmall Business
SBASmall Business Administration
SBDCSmall Business Development Center
SBIRSmall Business Innovation Research Program
SBSASmall Business Set-Aside
SBSPSASmall Business Small Purchase Set Aside
SDBSmall Disadvantaged Business
SDOSuspension and Debarment Official
SDVService-Disabled Veteran
SDVOSBService Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
SFStandard Form
SICStandard Industrial Classification
SOQStatement of Qualifications
SOWStatement of Work
SPIRSSupplier Performance Risk System
SRMSustainment, Restoration and Modernization
SSESimilarly situated entity
STTRSmall Business Technology Transfer
SUMSpend Under Management
TINTaxpayer Identification Number
UEIUnique Entity Identifier
USAUnited States Army
USACEUnited States Corps of Engineers
USAFUnited States Air Force
USCGUnited States Coast Guard
USNUnited States Navy
VBEVeteran-Owned Business Enterprise
VOSBVeteran-owned small business
VSBVery Small Business
WAWFWide Area Workflow (now known as iRAPT)
WBEWomen’s business enterprise
WOSBWoman-owned small business