Project Management

C2 North specializes in providing goal-oriented management support tailored to each client's need.  At the beginning of every project we identify potential obstacles and actively work to obviate roadblocks to success.  By clearly defining project goals and delineating a course of action, we ensure that your project is completed on time and under budget.

C2 North thrives on adversity, and we have extensive experience in mitigation management. By working within your current structure and project team, we can deftly step into existing projects and take the corrective actions necessary to get you back on track.  C2 North offers an extensive array of project management services to help you successfully attain project completion.


Budget, Schedule, and Scope Analysis

C2 North provides budget and schedule management for simple to complex projects, ensuring that deadlines are successfully met and project costs are kept within budget. C2 North can work with your team in identifying milestones and providing creative solutions that fit your scope of work. We work with your project managers to analyze project scopes, identify team members, prepare project timelines, and oversee project costs.


Technical Writing and Editing

C2 North provides highly professional technical writing and editing services to ensure a readable, organized and thoughtful final product.  While our technical writing experience spans the large construction, engineering and environmental fields, we specialize in providing quality documents for the oil and gas industry, such as: 

  • Project Plans & Submittals 
  • Project Handbooks & Procedures 
  • Execution Plans/Work Plans 
  • Historical & Closeout Plans 
  • Program Procedures

We will work with you to draw up a plan or proposal that fits your needs and the needs of the intended recipients.


Data Research and Reporting

C2 North can assist your company in performing data research for utilization in business development, project closeout, and other reporting requirements. Our experience includes research and analysis of project cost/schedule data, legal documents, federal databases, scientific journals, and laboratory data.  We have the technical experience that allows us to see through complex interactions and relationships and provide insightful and meaningful analysis.

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