C2 North has years of experience working with Alaskan businesses providing business development, marketing, and project management services.  We have worked with clients such as:

  • Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) - Regional & Village
  • Indian tribes
  • Oil & Gas Producers (BP, ConocoPhillips)
  • Oil & Gas Service Providers (CH2M Hill, Udelhoven)
  • Engineering and Remediation Companies



The C2 North team has been a tremendous asset to our tribally-owned company. With their background and knowledge of SBA’s regulations, they have helped us successfully obtain 8(a) and DOT DBE certifications for our subsidiaries with ease. C2 North is very proactive at keeping our companies in compliance with the SBA 8(a) program, including annual reporting for the 8(a) program and maintaining our federal contractor registrations.  C2 North also provides support to maintain our corporation/LLC legal filings, but they don’t stop there.  They are also able to advise us in strategic planning for our future small business program strategy. I highly recommend having Melanie and C2 North in your corner as they’ve proved themselves instrumental to our continued growth and development as a successful federal contractor.

- Ben Brucker, Executive Director, Native Village of Eyak

In advising and representing our clients in government contracting and SBA matters, our first advice to our client is to include Melanie Roller of C2 North, LLC, on the team. Melanie brings to Holland & Knight's clients her many years of experience assisting an impressive list of Alaska Native Corporations, tribes, and oil industry enterprises in a wide range of government and industry matters, including minority contracting programs such as SBA 8(a), HUBZone, and DBE. Melanie has extensive knowledge of the regulations and procedures of the applicable government agencies, and, through her professionalism, unimpeachable integrity, and pleasant manner, Melanie has developed positive working relationships with the officers at many of the key agencies. To complete the package, Melanie is organized, disciplined, and responsive, giving us the assurance that our clients' projects will be performed timely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

- Walter Featherly, Executive Partner Anchorage Office, Holland & Knight LLP

Melanie Roller at C2 North is a critical resource in helping the 8(a) community maintain its compliance with SBA’s demanding and ever changing requirements.  Ignore her advice at your peril.  She delivers a broad array of services that are consistently high caliber by every conceivable criteria.  Her professionalism, accuracy, practicality, and efficiency make her virtually indispensable.  Melanie is one of the best consultants in any field that I have had the pleasure to work with.

- Breke Harnagel, VP Contracts & Legal, Aleut Management Services, LLC

Mel Roller and her Team at C2 North are the go-to professionals!  We continuously seek her council and guidance to assist us on a myriad of the changing rules & regulations with the Small Business Administration to ensure we are in full compliance. They have always delivered, whether it be a new 8(a) application, annual update, or Joint Venture  – C2 gets you the right information at the right time without any issues.   If you’re new 8(a) firm or even an existing one it’s the “Best Value” for your money.  

- Rick Foster, Executive Vice President, Bering Straits Native Corporation

C2 North provides professional service in all matters pertaining to 8(a) compliance. Melanie is highly knowledgeable in all areas of the SBA 8(a) program, and she excels at keeping abreast of changes in regulations as well as keeping tabs on the changing 8(a) ANC climate in Alaska. C2 North is truly an asset to Calista Corporation as they assist our companies not only in compliance but also provide guidance for future business development strategies. Without hesitation, I would recommend the C2 North team to anyone considering applying to the SBA 8(a) Business Development Program.

- Norman Resnick, Associate Counsel, Calista Corporation

Melanie and C2 North's guidance was instrumental for our recent (and successful) 8(a) application. Melanie is extremely knowledgeable in regard to the 8(a) and SBA programs as well as all the requirements that are integral to a successful application outcome. Her services are fairly priced, and her company is very efficient and responsive throughout the process. I would highly recommend Melanie and C2 North and would not hesitate to work with her again.

- Alba Brice, Vice President, Brice Environmental Services Corporation

Ethical conduct, Integrity, Respect, and Excellence are CIRI core values that we also found in Melanie Roller and C2 North. Melanie has provided competent and professional guidance as a consultant to CIRI. I recommend her services.

Gregory P. Razo, Vice President, Government Contracting, Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (CIRI)

Knowledgeable, connected, reliable, timely and professional,  if you value these traits and need help with your business both large or small Mel Roller and C2 North is the company you want to hire. We are completely satisfied with the excellent service the Mel and her team have provided us over the years.  

- Ron Perry, President, Teya Services

I highly recommend Melanie Roller and C2North for consulting services associated with all government and commercial contracting preference programs.  Anytime I don’t know the answer to a complex compliance question, I reach out to Mel because she consistently provides a thorough and clear response based on the most current regulations.

- Gordon Pullar, Jr., Director of Business Operations, Koniag, Inc.

I consider Melanie Roller and C2 North as the go-to folks for help with anything related to the SBA, including 8(a) program applications, mentor/protégé packages, and everything HUBZone, not only for help with the process and how to most expeditiously get the paperwork completed, but also helping with any issues related to clients or with the government. Melanie stays in touch with the SBA on a daily basis, both in Alaska and in Washington, D.C., and her relationships with key staff have been invaluable for getting things done. Melanie is a high-caliber professional, and I’ve found that we can accomplish things quicker and more effectively with her help.  I highly recommend Melanie and C2 North.

- Jonathan Widdis, Vice President, Business Development, NANA Development Corporation

Attempting to start up a new 8(a) certified business without Melanie Roller's expert consultation is akin to attempting to cross the ocean without a compass.  Melanie is the definitive expert on the (ever changing!) rules and regulations which surround the Alaska Small Business Administration. Ignore her advice at your peril! I recommend her enthusiastically and without reservation.

- Dave Stephens, CEO, Katmai Government Services, LLC

Mel Roller has consulted with our company for a number of years now and we have gained valuable knowledge, insight and assistance from her regarding the SBA, 8(a) contracting, and other programs beneficial to our company and our shareholders. Mel is always professional, accessible and thoroughly up-to-date with the information and assistance she provides. We are happy to be a client of C2 North.

- Roy Totemoff, President & CEO, The Tatitlek Corporation

C2 North and Melanie Roller are bright stars in the universe of 8(a) and project management consultants. Melanie and her staff deliver high quality work often while working under tight deadlines. Working with Melanie is a pleasure and I highly recommend Melanie and C2 North.

  Natives of Kodiak and KOMAN

I have been associated with the SBA small business community since 2000 and have yet to come across a better resource than Melanie Roller and her team at C2 North for understanding SBA guidelines and the potential impacts to our future operations. Melanie’s vast network has also proven to be an invaluable asset for learning about the changing trends within the SBA and DC communities, along with likely effects on the small business market. Melanie and her team has played an important role in our strategic planning process, providing key information related to critical decisions regarding our long term approach to business development.

- Tom Delamater, CFO, Sitnasuak Native Corporation

I am pleased to highly recommend C2 North and Melanie Roller. Melanie and C2 North have been consulting with me at various ANC companies since 2007, working through 8(a) applications, joint ventures, mentor-proteges, 8(a) annual updates, 8(a) program updates, and several compliance matters. Melanie and her staff stay up to date on the complex 8(a) program rules and consistently offer smart and solid advice. If you only have one call to make with an SBA 8(a) application, Melanie and C2 North is the call to make!

  Kikiktagruk Inupiat Corporation

Melanie Roller and her team at C2 North have provided guidance and support to Gana-A'Yoo, Limited for over five years. She and her team deeply understand our goal of business growth for our tribal member shareholders. Her staff are extremely friendly, responsive, and professional. We have used her services for 8(a) and HUBZone application submittals. I would strongly recommend her services to any company interested in participating in any of the Small Business  Administration's set-aside programs.

-Betty Huntington, CEO, Gana-A'Yoo, Limited

We would have never made it through the arduous task of SBA 8(a) certification without Melanie Roller/C2 North. Melanie is knowledgeable, professional, and patient beyond words. Thank you, Melanie, for all your work both in the beginning, and into the future!

- Daniel Shier, CEO, Inland Empire Fire Protection, Inc.

We have used C2 North in our 8(a) businesses. Melanie ensures that we are up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations, as well as, our reporting. She has been an invaluable resource in deciphering the 8a world. We are decidedly more knowledgeable after our meetings; Melanie condenses the information down into an easy to understand format.

 The Kuskokwim Corporation

As Suulutaaq, Inc. has moved through the 8(a) program and other business preference programs, C2 North has been invaluable to us in developing and implementing approaches that improve our business position while assuring compliance with both the intent and the letter of applicable regulations. Whether it was gaining 8(a) certification, assuring timely and compliant reporting, developing contracts, or structuring innovative joint-ventures, Melanie has been critical to our success.

- William E. (Bill) Humphries, President, Suulutaaq, Inc.

I have had the privilege of working with Mel Roller and subsequently C2 North since 2002, when I worked on my first SBA 8(a) certification in Alaska. Goldbelt relies on C2 North for their strategic vision in federal contracting and their extensive network of contacts in federal agencies.  C2 North is diligent in supporting our subsidiaries in submitting SBA 8(a) applications and maintaining compliance for our companies that are in the program. I consider C2 North an integral part of our federal contracting management team and I would highly recommend them for any business in the federal space.

- Elliot "Chuck" Wimberly, CEO & President, Goldbelt, Inc.

Eklutna Services, LLC has enjoyed our relationship with Melanie Roller of C2 North LLC. Mel has incredible leadership qualities and helps her clients maneuver through the layers of governmental bureaucracy with ease and grace. She articulates the process in a way that all levels in the room understand. She exhibits confidence in self and others; inspires respect and trust; she displays passion and optimism and mobilizes others to fulfill their vision. Mel treats others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position. Most of all, Mel helps take the fear out of being a contractor for the government and watches our back when it comes to keeping up with all the changing regulations and compliance issues.

- Curtis J. McQueen, CEO, Eklutna, Inc.

C2 North provides professional, expert and timely consulting services for all our SBA 8(a) projects. We value their input and view their routine distribution of current SBA related events and proposed regulatory changes as a clear indication of their commitment to their client's best interests.

- Ventura Samaniego, CEO & President, Kijik Corporation

C2 North has proven itself to me and to MTNT over the course of the past 5 years I have worked with Melanie and her team.  From accurate and timely answers to long term business planning, C2 North is a necessity even for those with compliance specialists.  The extensive relationships C2 North enjoys combined with extensive, real-life experience provide customers with uncommon value when under C2 North’s consultation.

  MTNT Management Services, LLC

Melanie is a great resource for any company involved in government contracting. She has extensive knowledge with the morass of details required to do business with the government. If she doesn't have the information, she knows how to seek and find it. I find her guidance on the SBA 8(a) application process and relationship with the SBA office to be invaluable. However; that is only a subset of value she can bring to your company. She keeps me posted on the latest happenings, changes and politics in the government world as it relates to our business. My staff both locally in Alaska and the Lower 48 have received extensive training from Melanie on SBA compliance and how to leverage your marketing efforts under various government regulations and agencies. I enjoy working with Melanie on an ongoing basis.

- Rod Worl, CEO, The Eyak Corporation

Professional, productive and cost effective, C2 North has a strong working relationship with the Alaska SBA Office and comprehensive knowledge of SBA policy, procedures, and program requirements. This translates to best value for their customers and 8(a) clients. We highly recommend their services.

  Port Graham Corporation

Melanie assisted us in getting two new 8(a) companies through the SBA certification process. Her assistance was invaluable and we are very fortunate to have found her. She is the consummate professional, ethical, knowledgeable, efficient, and most of all, responsive to the client's needs. Her ability to mentor newcomers to government contracting such as ourselves has made a real difference. She has a wealth of experience that she brings to bear, both keeping you out of trouble, but also pointing out opportunities. She has become a highly valued member of our team.

  Shee Atika, Inc.

My company hired Melanie to prepare our 8(a) application. Her knowledge of the process and her personal relationships were critical in the success of our application. I look forward to working with Melanie again.

- Lance Ahern, Formerly of a Tribal Alaska Native Corporation

Melanie Roller and the professionals of C2 North have demonstrated a business acumen second to none. Most recently, they were contracted to provide the specialized expertise to develop and assist us in the completion of a Small Business Administration Mentor/Protégé’ application. They performed flawlessly - that is, without missing a beat, having no defects or faults, having no discernible blemishes or shortcomings. If I had it to do all over again, I would absolutely make that same call. “Job well done.”

- Joseph Tolliver, CEO, Trailboss Enterprises, Inc.

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